1. Do not discuss (or dissect) the host pastor/leader with members.
  2. Do not ask members of the host church to come secretly to you for prayer.
  3. Do not collect members phone numbers (don’t steal the sheep.)
  4. Do not invite members of a host church to another church or event ( let the pastor do so, if he/she wills.)
  5. If someone blesses you, let the host pastor know about it, it won’t affect any honorarium.
  6. Never hold an event near the church of your host without letting them know about it.
  7. Respect and acknowledge the wife/husband of your host.
  8. Know the full name of the church.
  9. Know the full name of the pastor whom you are ministering for.
  10. Call the pastor/evangelist/prophet/apostle with their right title.
  11. Never belittle the pastor, staff, or church leader before the members or neighbors of the church.
  12. After your ministrations, telephone the host pastor and thank them for the opportunity to minister in their church.
  13. Never complain about any gift (honorarium) given to you by the church leadership.
  14. Do not ask church staff or members to do shopping for you.
  15. Refuse dinner with host members unless the host pastor is invited.
  16. No pastor should regret bringing you to their church.
  17. Never, ever feel the reason why you are invited is because you are more anointed than your host. God appointed your host’s authority.
  18. Stay within the time given to you and respect the order of the service.
  19. If you are invited to sing or to pray, please don’t say “before I (sing/pray) let me share . . .” Please don’t preach. If you feel led to speak, ask permission. If the pastor says “No”, then don’t do it!
  20. Don’t be stressing your host and the protocol assigned to you with unnecessary demands.
  21. If God gives you a word of correction, seek confirmation with the host pastor, and always speak the truth with kindness and compassion in God’s kind of love.
  22. Don’t use the pulpit of your host to promote yourself.
  23. Don’t assume you are allowed to sell books and CDs; ask permission first.
  24. Always make it a joyful experience smile and be a blessing. Don’t insult the sheep or the shepherd.